How to Not Get the Job

Interviews can be tough, Xbox is fun so here’s a list of things to do if you just don’t want the job because everyone knows that Xbox is more fun than work but you read somewhere you should love what you do and that…is Xbox Be late – Absence makes the heart grow fonder; keep them [...]


Show Me The Money! – How to answer THAT salary question at interview

Few people would be doing what they’re doing unless they were being remunerated sufficiently for the pleasure, right? Money is clearly an integral part of our chosen career path, of course it is; it pays for things after all and features prominently in conversations with candidates. Yet frequently it becomes a problem during an interview [...]

Interview Preparation: 7 Things You Must Do

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for a number of reasons but with the right preparation you can alleviate that stress to perform at your best and here’s how you do it. 1)      Do a trial run and prepare the journey– Just knowing the address and guessing the journey time is not good enough. You [...]

CVs, What’s the Big Issue? 3 Golden Rules to CV Perfection

  It occurred to me, whilst walking to work recently that Union Street (the Main street in Aberdeen’s city centre) was devoid of its usual 20+ Big Issue sellers, normally this wouldn’t register with me but I began to think, how is it possible that anyone could miss such an opportunity to trade when a) [...]