How to Make an Impression with Your Personal Profile

"All buzzwords do, is get in the way of the important information that recruiters and hiring managers are trying to find" @animal ...pretty accurate statement that.  However in all the years I’ve recruited, I have observed most personal profiles resemble little more than a collection of buzzwords that tells us very little about the relevance [...]

What HMV Should Have Learned From the Tufty Club

James Caan wrote in his autobiography  “Observe the masses and do the opposite.” This is a pretty powerful message when you consider that, unless you have a patented, unique product or service offering – and let’s be honest here, most don’t – there’s a multitude of businesses out there competing for market share. The recent [...]

CVs, What’s the Big Issue? 3 Golden Rules to CV Perfection

  It occurred to me, whilst walking to work recently that Union Street (the Main street in Aberdeen’s city centre) was devoid of its usual 20+ Big Issue sellers, normally this wouldn’t register with me but I began to think, how is it possible that anyone could miss such an opportunity to trade when a) [...]