Why are job ads so boring?

I really feel sorry for job seekers. Let me just be clear here.  How monotonous must it be to repeatedly read advertising copy that bleats on about yet another "fantastic opportunity to join a dynamic blue chip organisation” it’s all a bit trite really isn’t it? Why has this or something equally mundane become the [...]


How to Make an Impression with Your Personal Profile

"All buzzwords do, is get in the way of the important information that recruiters and hiring managers are trying to find" @animal ...pretty accurate statement that.  However in all the years I’ve recruited, I have observed most personal profiles resemble little more than a collection of buzzwords that tells us very little about the relevance [...]

What HMV Should Have Learned From the Tufty Club

James Caan wrote in his autobiography  “Observe the masses and do the opposite.” This is a pretty powerful message when you consider that, unless you have a patented, unique product or service offering – and let’s be honest here, most don’t – there’s a multitude of businesses out there competing for market share. The recent [...]

CVs, What’s the Big Issue? 3 Golden Rules to CV Perfection

  It occurred to me, whilst walking to work recently that Union Street (the Main street in Aberdeen’s city centre) was devoid of its usual 20+ Big Issue sellers, normally this wouldn’t register with me but I began to think, how is it possible that anyone could miss such an opportunity to trade when a) [...]