Free CV Template

Hands up…I bleat on about CVs a lot [particularly here and here]. Obviously it’s in my best interest for your CV to be in tip top condition, I read thousands of them! So the more accurate and well thought out the better for me (and you). However in all honesty, I do understand how tough it can be to write these things.

Watch the blank faces in an office of recruiters when we’re asked for a potted history of our own when tendering for business (and we’re the specialists!). It’s not easy!

Where do you start, what do you include, exclude, how long do you make it, how do you keep it interesting the list is as endless as the “how to write a perfect CV” publications, Google it there are 32.5m results…how can that be possible? It’s mind-blowing.

I took time to read the BBC article  which was published in 2011 and yet appears to be written when Moses was still in his basket. Though does make a valid point that there is no one set way to write a perfect CV, just opinions…millions of them.

That said, there is a basic standard that you can follow and to make it easy on you and I have it documented in a template I’m happy to share with anyone who would like it. Simple no strings help, I’m nice like that, just email me.

Personal profiles are also tough so you will find help with that here too and when you get the interview, it’s worth remembering this.



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