My Takeout from TConf 2016

So far, I reckon I’ve taken two weeks and written around 14 reviews for TConf. Each of them were tragic to read and would resemble the equivalent creative stimulation of melatonin and meditation. Who am I to review a technical conference? Let me rewind here. TConf is a conference “by testers for testers” brilliantly organised … Continue reading My Takeout from TConf 2016


Honesty is Better than Sugar Coated Bull…

The picture really appealed to my sense of humour and now have the job of correlating the humour of brutal honesty from a child - presuming authenticity of the picture and not the work of an adult with Crayola, writing with their wrong hand - and us mere workers being honest with ourselves with the … Continue reading Honesty is Better than Sugar Coated Bull…

Your CV…It’s Not About You

I know that sounds strange but hear me out...I think it’s the key mistake people make when writing a CV and applying to work with companies; you’re in the wrong mind-set. My philosophy is simply this: when a company is recruiting they don’t have a job, they have a problem. The problem is that no-one … Continue reading Your CV…It’s Not About You

Now I Know How Nikola Tesla Feels

There’s a profound rumpus on the interweb amongst us recruitment mob, owed to the fact that someone out there has managed to construct a job advertisement. Not only that people want to engage with and talk about but one that cuts straight to the target market. Fancy that? Fair play to London-based Social Media publishing … Continue reading Now I Know How Nikola Tesla Feels

How to Sell

Well first off, it's not like the guy in the picture but isn't it funny how sales is perceived? i.e. Exactly like the guy in the picture? I'd like to share my perception of a good sales call but not a made up idealistic story and not something self congratulatory (for once). Instead, I’d like … Continue reading How to Sell

Show Me The Money! – How to answer THAT salary question at interview

Few people would be doing what they’re doing unless they were being remunerated sufficiently for the pleasure, right? Money is clearly an integral part of our chosen career path, of course it is; it pays for things after all and features prominently in conversations with candidates. Yet frequently it becomes a problem during an interview … Continue reading Show Me The Money! – How to answer THAT salary question at interview

Interview Preparation: 7 Things You Must Do

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for a number of reasons but with the right preparation you can alleviate that stress to perform at your best and here’s how you do it. 1)      Do a trial run and prepare the journey– Just knowing the address and guessing the journey time is not good enough. You … Continue reading Interview Preparation: 7 Things You Must Do

Is Your Recruitment Agency Seeing Beyond Your CV?

Ok, so I wrote a whole justification for this blog which covered a job search avenues and had a go at appraising which added value to the candidate, which were quick and which were slow, which were “hit and hopes” and those that allowed some dialogue but in all honesty it would have made a … Continue reading Is Your Recruitment Agency Seeing Beyond Your CV?

How To Market Yourself Better

Just as Van Gogh was apparently OK at painting and Oscar Wilde commanded the English language rather splendiferously, some of us are good at some things whilst the rest of us fail miserably. The same goes for CV writing; [a made up figure of] around 5.3% nail it and the majority of us are so … Continue reading How To Market Yourself Better