Your CV…It’s Not About You

All about you 2

I know that sounds strange but hear me out…I think it’s the key mistake people make when writing a CV and applying to work with companies; you’re in the wrong mind-set.

My philosophy is simply this: when a company is recruiting they don’t have a job, they have a problem.

The problem is that no-one is currently performing this role and the business has a weakness; however small a cog in the giant machine that may seem to you, believe me, someone is under pressure because of it. And to solve it they need to hire someone. You.

However most applications, CVs and cover letters are all written with the applicant in mind, it’s all me this and I that.

I’m a quick learner, I am keen to learn, I am enthusiastic, hardworking, outgoing, entrepreneurial, a team player, I can show initiative, I am a performer, a leader…you get my point.

You’re not talking in the language the hirer wants to hear.

The problem is about them, their company, their team, efficiency, customers, suppliers, their end goal, service, profit…

Give yourself an edge by showing the hirer you can solve what matters most to them, their pain.


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