Now I Know How Nikola Tesla Feels


There’s a profound rumpus on the interweb amongst us recruitment mob, owed to the fact that someone out there has managed to construct a job advertisement. Not only that people want to engage with and talk about but one that cuts straight to the target market.

Fancy that?

Fair play to London-based Social Media publishing outfit “Woto” for composing the literary masterpiece, I think the ad is brilliantly engaging and cuts straight through to those the business want to attract.

It differentiates them as an employer and generates interest on the basis of being relevant and interesting; somewhat at odds with recruitment advertising in general.

Over the years I have been at pains to engage with people and attract their attention in a way most either cannot or cannot be bothered to.

On this occasion I have to concede that alas my megaphone was not as loud as the clever chaps down the road and I have missed a trick to PR the life out of my effort and alas the second mouse got the cheese.

However a bitter man I am not and if any of the team at Woto read this, all I have to say is Bravo my creative friends, bravo

Mr Tesla, I feel your hurt.


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