How to Sell

sleazy-salesmanWell first off, it’s not like the guy in the picture but isn’t it funny how sales is perceived? i.e. Exactly like the guy in the picture? I’d like to share my perception of a good sales call but not a made up idealistic story and not something self congratulatory (for once).

Instead, I’d like to share an experience of a recent sales call I received; this sales call was from a software company, the sales guy was Andrew and was easily the best sales call I’ve received.

I’ll sum up in a 2 minute read the points why this guy was good and why I helped him pitch to the Directors of our business.

I answered the call:

“Hello Shaun speaking,”

“Hi Shaun, Andrew here from xyz software company, how are you?”

I rolled my eyes. Sales call.

Great, I have to listen to someone’s patter for the next 8-10 seconds before being borderline rude to get them off the phone and get back to what I was doing previously, working.

However Andrew proceeded to gain my attention and here’s why:

  1. He wasn’t apologetic for making the call; he spoke with authority and confidence and his tone told me “I have something here that will benefit you and you will want to buy it”
  2. He sought to identify whether I was the right person to speak with alluding that he didn’t waste my time but equally I knew he didn’t want to waste his own time; that impressed me and gained my respect because he already gained his own.
  3. Although he knew his product was good, he wanted to know if I had a need he could sell to so he proceeded to ask questions to identify if a need existed and to what extent
  4. Other than the brand he never once told me what the product was, he knows features would only have turned me off, so our conversation was purely about the benefit his product would have had to me. He was interesting and engaged me from the start.
  5. He had researched our business and knew enough about our market to tell me that he’d done his homework and wasn’t just making up a call quota – he was interested in having a quality call and I wasn’t there just to make up his numbers.

Our chat was brief, three minutes tops but he built rapport with me, hadn’t wasted my time, identified whether we had a need, who the correct person was to deal with, empathised with me, sold the benefits of his product and got me interested how I could utilise his product. Impressive I thought, for such a short conversation.

I started to think (dangerous, I know): “Why was I so impressed with this guy?” Andrew had really only done what so many had done and continue to try to do, sell. So what was so special in this case?

I believe it all came down to this: his tonality, modest self-belief and his ability to sell without selling.

If you can do this, then I believe you have a great future ahead of you; did you know Right People have a sales division. Contact us to enhance your sales team or your career.


One thought on “How to Sell

  1. Refreshing and certainly a technique so many could learn from, research and honesty! Excellent blog!

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