How To Market Yourself Better


Just as Van Gogh was apparently OK at painting and Oscar Wilde commanded the English language rather splendiferously, some of us are good at some things whilst the rest of us fail miserably.

The same goes for CV writing; [a made up figure of] around 5.3% nail it and the majority of us are so bad, we should be tied up in a jute sack and drowned, it’s just a fact of life.

Being a professional recruiter who reads a considerable amount of CVs of a day I can say with some authority the vast majority are poorly planned, lacking in critical information, grammatically inept and terribly formatted.

Average on a good day but I soldier on, what a trooper.

The second fact is that there’s not a great deal anyone can do about it other than:

a)      Stick with what you have and hope someone like me calls to find out what you actually do

b)      Read books that give you 150 ways to re-write it and confuse the issue more

c)       Go to a “specialist” CV writer that will sting you for £200

I don’t like any of these options.  In fact, none of these are what I would consider to be real options.

It’s OK though; no-one really told you how to write a CV anyway, did they?

So as part of my duty to humanity, the philanthropist in me is prepared to review your CV on the condition that you don’t expect a circumlocutory response.  No fluff, no cuddles just brutal and honest feedback; we’ll have a laugh about it and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to improve.

Sound fair?

Contact me to get the party started


2 thoughts on “How To Market Yourself Better

  1. Shaun is the Real Deal. My CV has been getting me no where, Shaun offered to have a look at it for me. Yes, he tore my CV to tiny little pieces. No, he didn’t sugar coat it in the slightest. No, there were no cuddles offered. But once I have finished following Shaun’s advice I’m certain my CV will be a perfect way to get me a new role!

    Bottom line. Shaun was recommended to me. I will recommend him to others and I recommend him to you.

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