One Piece of Nerve Busting Interview Advice

InterviewI previously wrote a piece of CV advice that will get you sitting in front of more people but what happens when we get to interview stage?

Ok, let’s get the bad news out first…There is no “one size fits all” James Bond kit bag full of solutions to interviews.  Each company, vacancy, process, interviewer, and personality adds a different dimension to the interview that will quickly nullify any standard issue advice.  Sure, you must prepare by researching the company, interviewers, product/service, strategy, markets, marketing and recent news whilst also having relevant questions prepared amongst the other things that are covered in a thousand articles out there but to succeed in an interview situation, first, we must fully understand what is going on in an interview environment.

An interview is in essence, two people selling

The candidate wants the job and has to sell their ability to do so.  The interviewer(s) who, on behalf of the organisation are in a constant war for the best talent in response, should also be in sales mode, in order to attract the best talent with the best of what the organisation can offer.

What I want to focus on is that the company is in sales mode and crucially, this reveals a single piece of information to us and, is something you should remind yourself at any point where you begin to feel anxious before or during an interview:

“The interviewer desperately wants you to be right for the job,”


So for a second, let’s forget about you wanting the job, trying to impress others and the anxiety that comes with not knowing what you are about to be asked and consider the arrangement from the company and interviewer’s point of view.  They are under pressure to find a suitable candidate to fill the vacancy so the business or department can continue to function as intended, their senior managers are constantly asking for updates and an explanation why the position is not yet filled.  In a short space of time, the hiring manager knows the senior managers will identify an opportunity to save money in the shape of a salary saved – the team have coped without this person for weeks now, haven’t they?  Meanwhile, the team are forever reminding them that they’re overworked and the only thing that releases the pressure is YOU BEING RIGHT FOR THE JOB.

So, next time you’re sat in a reception awaiting your interview and feeling anxious just remember; No-one is trying to catch you out, make you feel like a prat or a puppet in any sick game they play amongst themselves, nor are they later bursting into a rendition of “another one bites the dust” David Brent style as you leave the office demoralised.

Quite the opposite, they’re looking to the heavens and asking “Please, please let this candidate be right.”

Now, what are you worried about?


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